Model S Electric Tailgate

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This electric tailgate system opens and closes your trunk by simply pressing a button. It can support:

  • Open and Close the tailgate using official Tesla App
  • Open and Close the tailgate using the key fob
  • Open the tailgate using the touch screen*
  • Open and Close the tailgate using foot (if you add the tailgate foot activation option)
  • Speed, height and opening/closing force settings

This electric tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your tailgate by simply pressing a button. This smart aftermarket lift gate provides additional security and value to your vehicle.

Installation is designed for the do-it-yourself and comes with various brackets depending on your car. Electrical hookup has never been easier, with an easy to install switch and a Plug and Play Harness.

This reliable system will out perform a hydraulic system without all the complicated plumbing and upkeep. The kit includes Control Module, Plug and Play Harness along with mounting brackets and hardware.


*Our electric tailgate system cannot be closed on touch screen starting from v9 by default.
This preserve the correct trunk status so that you will get a warning and never forget to close the trunk.

If you want the touch screen closing feature, there are two options:

  1. Put a remark on the order and we will modify the wire for you – the trunk status on the car will ALWAYS showing “closed”
  2. (Advanced Users Only) Modify the internal.dat (powerlift 1)


Installation Video: Click Here