Model 3/Y Vinyl Door Handle Wrap

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TeslOz offer 3 different variant's of door handle wrap for DIY Install, please check images to help you decide which is best for you:
  • Full handle cover
  • Dots cutout (Created by TeslOz)
  • 3 Logo cutout (Created by TeslOz)

The later two options are custom made by TeslOz with the aim of making it easier for those unfamiliar with the Model 3 handles understand how to open them.

If properly applied there is no chrome visible around the outside edge of the door handle.

Protects your door handle from scratches and scrapes.
Improves the exterior finish when applied over the stock door handles.

Can be removed easily without leaving residue.

All of our vinyl kits are Avery Dennison SW900 range vinyl, the manufacturer touts up to 12 years lifetime for this product line.



"Took a guy from work for a drive to show him the car and he opened the door first time (was a little test) haha"

From Kusa regarding dots version