What are the Model 3 Voice Commands

Posted by Brian Gilbert on

If you are anything like me you loved Knight Rider as a child (unless your not old enough I guess), either way you now have a car of the future and might be wondering what voice commands are supported. Here is a list of all the ones we have been able to confirm.

Pro Tip: Rather than using the microphone icon on the screen, engage voice control from the steering wheel, this allows you to finish the command by pressing the button again which is much faster than the software trying to guess where you stopped talking!

The Commands

Navigation related:

  • drive to
  • dr to
  • drive
  • dr
  • navigate to
  • navigate
  • where is
  • take me to
  • take me
  • cancel nav
  • cancel navigation
  • cancel trip
  • let's go to [work]
  • where are the nearby [supercharging stations]


  • Set the temperature to [number]
  • Turn <on|off> the <driver|passenger> seat heater

Vehicle Controls

  • Adjust my <left|right> mirror
  • Open the glovebox
  • Show rear camera

Phone related:

  • call [contact name]
  • dial [contact name]
  • phone [contact name]
  • Send a text message to [contact name]

Making a bug report: then describe the problem

  • note
  • report
  • bug note
  • bug report

Media: then say song/artist/genre

  • play
  • plays
  • listen to
  • listens to
  • search for

Sentry Mode:

  • Turn Sentry Mode On/Off
  • Enable/Disable Sentry Mode
  • Keep Tesla Safe
  • Keep Summer Safe

Santa Mode: engage the indicator to stop the song

  • ho ho ho plays Run Run Rudolph
  • ho ho ho not funny plays Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer

If you have an iPhone

  • hey Siri followed by a question for Siri
Hopefully this post helps you get more value out of your Tesla! Happy driving Brian